Town and CityBuses

Buses connecting key locations around town and city centres

Free Town BusCityBuses provide a quick, convenient way of getting around the key locations in town and city centres.

Freecitybus services

The following services are FREE to use:


Leeds CityBus services

Leeds CityBus costs £1 per journey  (free if you have a concessionary or season ticket).

Connecting key locations

Routes are designed to connect bus and rail stations with shopping centres, hospitals, colleges and universities, and key business and leisure locations. They have contributed to the reduction of city and town centre congestion by encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use connecting trains and buses instead.

They have also been shown to have increased numbers of shopping trips, and have enabled people with mobility problems or with buggies, small children or large packages to carry, to make journeys they would not otherwise have made.



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