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Website accessibility

We strive to make our websites accessible to everyone. Below are options and instructions for the various ways you can navigate this site.

If you have a problem using or accessing this site, please let us know: Ways to contact Metro

Text size

You can alter the font size of website text by using the text resizing link at the top of each page.  You can also altering your browser settings (usually within the 'View' or 'Options' menu). Most browsers allow you to change the size of the font displayed on the screen either permanently or temporarily.

Access keys

The Access keys for keyboard-only users are as follows:

3. Site map
7. Contact us - complaints and feedback
8. Website terms of use
0. Access key details (this page)

How to use access keys

  • Edge - Press ALT + Access Key
  • Firefox  - Press Shift + Alt Key + Access Key together.
  • Safari - Press ALT + Access Key
  • Chrome - Press ALT + Access Key

Video content

We upload our video to YouTube and then embed the content into our web pages. You can read YouTube instructions for assistive technologies on Google's support pages.

Where possible we upload transcripts to create captions on YouTube. The captions can be turned on and off using the video controls. Where it's not possible, we have linked to a web page containing the transcript.

Accessibility and usability standards

This site uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML 4.01 Strict and conforms with the AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Equality Act 2010 and BS 8878:2010 web accessibility code of practice.

The site has been tested across the major web browsers and we conduct regular user testing. 

Browser compatibility

The site has been tested across the major web browsers and we conduct regular user testing.  Browsers and the versions we support are determined by web statistics, which tell us how the majority of users are accessing our sites via desktop, mobile and tablet. 

Currently our sites are tested in:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Firefox
Alerts 30 Bus

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