Your Senior Pass entitles you to:

  • Free, off-peak bus travel throughout England.
  • Half-fare, off-peak train travel throughout West Yorkshire, for West Yorkshire residents. 

Bus travel

Off-peak times

Off-peak is after 9.30am Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays.

The English National Concessionary Scheme hours for free bus travel nationally are 9.30am to 11pm, however the West Yorkshire scheme allows for concessionary travel from 11pm until the end of service.

You can find further details about the Government’s English National Concessionary Pass Scheme and the eligibility criteria on the Directgov website (opens in new tab).


You cannot use your Senior Pass on certain special bus services, excursions, tours, private hire vehicles, school and works contract services, football specials and certain express bus services.

For telephone enquiries about bus services and passes, please contact MetroLine: 0113 245 7676.

Train travel

For West Yorkshire residents, your English National Concessionary Pass also entitles you to half-fare, off-peak train travel within West Yorkshire. Off-peak is Monday to Friday after 09:30 until 16:00, then after 18:30. All day on weekends & public holidays. If you are travelling by train during the weekday evening peak - 16:01 to 18:29 - you will need to buy an Anytime Day Single or Anytime Day Return ticket.

The half-fare only applies to travel within West Yorkshire. If part of your journey falls outside of West Yorkshire, you will pay full fare for that part of the journey.

If you do not pay for the non-West Yorkshire part of the journey before setting off, you may be charged the full adult fare for the entire journey. Fares may be combined only to and from a station at which your train makes a scheduled stop.

You should ensure you pay the fare for the complete journey before travelling if you board at a station where ticket buying facilities exist.

Please see terms and conditions.