Blind & Disabled

If you are a West Yorkshire resident and have a disability, you may be able to get a Blind or Disabled Person’s Travel Pass.

Download a copy of the Blind & Disabled Person's Travel Pass leaflet. 

Download an Easy Read copy of the Blind & Disabled Person's Travel Pass leaflet.

Am I eligible?

You must be a West Yorkshire resident of bus fare paying age (aged 5 and over) and have an eligible disability which is long term or expected to last at least 12 months

More about eligibility and evidence required to find out if you're entitled to a Blind or Disabled Pass

Benefits of a Blind or Disabled Person's Travel Pass and Companion Pass

More about the benefits of a Blind or Disabled Person's Travel Pass or a Companion Pass 

How to apply or renew a Blind or Disabled Person's Travel Pass.

If you already have a pass, you can apply to renew it up to 90 days before it is due to expire. 

You can apply now online. You will need evidence of your disability and a digital photo (taken in the last 12 months) to upload from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

More about applying 


Applying on behalf of someone else

You can apply for a friend or relative by creating an account in your name and then adding them as a dependent.

Uploading evidence

You will be asked to provide evidence of your disability, and you can upload this when you fill in the online form.

After you have applied

Your application is passed to your local council for them to assess. If you don’t provide or upload evidence of your disability when you fill in the form, you will have to provide it later and this may delay your application.

Your local council will assess your application, and they will usually make a decision within 12 weeks If your application is approved, your new pass will be posted to your home address.

Applying through your local council

If you are not able to apply online, your local council has information about other ways for you to apply:






Lost, stolen or damaged Passes

More about lost stolen or damaged passes

Are you eligible for a Companion Pass?

More about the eligibility for a Companion Pass

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