Lost, stolen or damaged Pass

Lost Passes

There is a £5 fee for replacing a lost Disabled Person’s Pass.

There is no charge for replacing a Blind Person’s Pass.

Stolen Passes

If your Pass has been stolen, report it to the Police and they will give you a Crime Reference Number. There will be no charge if you order a replacement Pass at a Bus Station Travel Centre and provide your Crime Reference Number. There is a £5 fee to replace a stolen pass online.

Damaged Passes

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Pass is in good condition so that it can be scanned by bus ticket machines and rail station gates. For example, ticket machines and gates cannot scan Passes that are:

  • Split/cut
  • Held together with tape or
  • Have holes in them

Additionally, if you can no longer be identified by the photograph because your appearance has changed or the photograph is damaged, then you must order a replacement Pass.

You can order replacement passes by:

After you have ordered your pass, it will be posted to your home address by second class post within 5 working days.