Are you eligible for a Companion Pass?

Terms and conditions for use of Blind and Disabled Passes for travel in West Yorkshire

If you qualify for a Blind or Disabled Person’s pass and you are unable to travel alone, you may be entitled to a companion pass.

More about the benefits of a Companion Pass

You may qualify for a companion pass if you are unable to travel alone and:

  • Have or are eligible for a Blind Person’s Pass,

or if you 

  • Have or are eligible for a Disabled Person's Pass AND are in receipt of one of the following benefits:

  • Higher rate care disability living allowance
  • Higher rate attendance allowance
  • PIP - enhanced rate daily living
  • PIP – at least 10 points on the ‘Planning and following a journey’ activity

You need to be awarded these benefits for at least 12 months and you need to provide a copy of your full benefits award letter as proof.