Annual Travel to Work Survey

Annual Travel to Work Survey The West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network (WYTPN) works with employers in West Yorkshire promoting greener ways of travelling to work. The Annual Travel to Work Survey measures the travel modes commuters are using.

There are three ways to participate in the survey


The survey is completed online - participants just have to give their home postcode, how they usually travel to work and how long each leg of their journey takes. For example if a colleague took the bus, their journey may consist of a walk to the bus stop of 5 minutes, a bus journey of 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute walk to the office. The nominated survey administrator in your company will receive an online link to the survey for each site with more than 50 employees.

Manual survey - to print out and complete

The survey consists of a sheet with tick boxes asking for participants’ home postcode and which travel mode they usually use to commute to work. This survey can be passed around the office or the shop floor. If you require a manual survey form, please email and we will provide it.

Own survey

Your organisation may already run its own travel survey. All you need to do is email the results to the Travel Plan Network team


Why do we have to take part?

Taking part in the survey is the main criteria employers have to fulfill to remain a member of the Travel Plan Network.

The survey data results can be used as an indicator of how travel modes are changing within your organisation and can measure how effective your sustainable travel initiatives (car parking management, Bike to Work, or Corporate MCard scheme) have been in encouraging staff to travel to work sustainably.

We have staff based at more than one site, do we have to survey every site?

If your organisation has more than one site the survey is only required to be carried out at locations with more than 50 employees. If all your sites have less than 50 employees only staff at your main site have to participate.

How long will it take a colleague to complete the survey?

Each individual survey takes less than a minute to complete.

Is the information we provide kept confidential?

Information collected through the survey will be held under the terms of the Data Protection Act. It will be used by the Travel Plan Network, the West Yorkshire Local Authorities and partners to map and collate information about how employees in your organisation travel to work. Anonymous summary information will be publicised. Read our full privacy statement.

I am the Travel Plan Network co-ordinator for my organisation, what do I have to do now?

When you receive either the manual form or the online link, promote the survey to your employees with a request to complete it by the deadline given on the survey.

How do I encourage colleagues to complete the survey?

Try these useful tips:

  • Send emails or promote the survey on your organisation’s intranet
  • Emphasise to staff that the survey only takes a minute to complete and does not ask for confidential information.
  • Don’t forget to send reminders to encourage colleagues to complete the survey.
  • Congratulate teams/departments who have managed to get a high proportion of colleagues to complete the survey.
  • Why not offer an incentive or a prize draw to encourage employees to participate in the survey?
  • If your employer offers the Corporate MCard scheme, emphasise that completion of the survey is essential to receiving the 12% discount.

How many employees at my organisation must complete the survey?

The more responses you get, the more accurate the data, so please encourage as many employees as possible to complete the survey. The minimum response rate is 30% of your total employee count however; if your site is planning obligated you may have to achieve a higher response rate.

How do I get my organisation’s survey results?

The Travel Plan Network team will email you to let you know your survey results at your annual renewal, or earlier if you request them.