19-25s and Student PhotoCard

The 19-25 or Student PhotoCard is a smartcard which enables you to pre-load discounted bus or bus and rail tickets giving you unlimited bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire. You just have to be aged 19-25 or a Student.

19-25 and Student PhotoCards

The 19-25 or Student PhotoCard is available to anyone under 26 and to mature students over 26 years old, who are in full-time education.
You can top up the 19-25 or Student PhotoCard with bus only or bus and train weekly or monthly travel.

Here’s what you’ll need when applying for your free PhotoCard:

  • Aged 19-25: You can apply free online. You will need a passport or driving licence to verify your age and you will need to upload a passport style photo of yourself (phone photos are fine). Alternatively, apply at a Bus Station Travel Centre with identity to prove your age where Travel Centre staff will take your photo for you.
  • Mature Students only: You can only apply at a Bus Station Travel Centre and will need an official document to prove you are in full-time education (16 hours or more per week)

Once you receive your card, you can top it up with your weekly or monthly travel.

Tickets you can add:

Bus only tickets - Countywide travel, valid anytime

Weekly and monthly tickets

Ticket type Price
Weekly ticket £18.00
Monthly ticket £67.00

Bus and Train tickets

Weekly and monthly tickets

Check out your zones

Ticket type Price
Weekly Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 5 ticket £28.20
Monthly ticket Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1 - 5 ticket £104.50

Remember to keep your receipt as proof of purchase.