Alerts 55 Bus

Abbey Grange Academy

Changes affecting AG11 AG12 and AG13

Date effective: beginning 7th February 2024

Services affected: AG11 / AG12 / AG13

Summary of changes

For operational reasons, it will not be possible to allocate a double deck bus to the AG11 after 6th February 2024.

Therefore, to ensure that buses are not overcrowded, Squarepeg will be making changes to Services AG11 and AG13 from Wednesday 7 February 2024.

AG11 - Limited stop conditions will be introduced meaning that the last pick up will be Elland Road / Cemetery Road (The bus will turn left from Cemetery Road into Elland Road and pick up at the Elland Road / City Evangelical Church bus stop (Stop ID: 45010107). The bus will then operate non-stop to school. Students beyond this point will need to use Service AG13 or AG12 depending on where they board (See below).

AG13 – This service will be extended to start on Cemetery Road at Elland Road (Stop ID: 45010093). The service will depart from this stop 10 minutes earlier than the current service AG11 departure time and at all stops up to Armley Town Street. From Armley Town Street, the timetable will be as the current AG13.

AG12 – This service has not changed but students who currently board AG11 in the vicinity of the KFC will need to travel on AG12, which departs from the bus stop at 0740.

Pass validity: We will not be reissuing bus passes at this stage and so students can use their current bus pass to travel on the service that is nearest to where they live.

Please see the timetable page for details.