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School bus services FAQs

Which bus stops does my bus stop at?

School buses will stop at all regular Metro bus stops along the route, but you must signal to the driver that you want the bus to stop.

What if I leave something on the bus?

Please call the operator of the bus service you lost your property on. If you're unsure which operator it is, check the timetables for your school in the A-Z school finder section or call us on 0113 348 1122 if you're still unsure.

Is standing permitted on some school buses?

On MyBus branded vehicles or services operated by a coach, standees are not allowed. On other school services operated by regular single or double deck buses, standees are permitted. The legal capacity on school buses is the same as the legal capacity on public service buses (we do not follow the three to a seat rule for under 14s as some authorities do). There is a maximum number of standees displayed on all buses. 

Do I have to use the seatbelt?

If your bus has one fitted, then yes, it must be used by law.

What's the policy on smoking on board the bus?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on any bus service by law. This includes electronic cigarettes.

How can I find out if the school bus service is running late?

We post updates on the progress of late-running services on our Twitter account, @metrogenm. Follow us there for details of known delays to school bus services, as well as news and special offers.

Why can't I use an Under 19 Bus-only ticket on some school services?

Some school services are not part of the Concessionary Fares scheme, therefore, the bus company would not be paid for accepting this ticket. Here are Services that currently do not accept Under 19 Bus-only tickets

Are bus operator's staff passes valid on school services?

Mostly no, however there are exceptions. Please call us on 0113 3481122 for advice.

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