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How to use a school bus general information

If you are new to using a secondary school bus service, here are the answers to some common questions you may have!

Where do I find a timetable and how to read them?

Timetables can be found in our A to Z school listings. The timetable is in two sections:

At the top of the timetable page is a route description. This shows all the roads that the bus operates along.

Below the route description are 'timing points'. This does not show a time at every single stop, it shows only times at selected stops along the route, generally around every ten to fifteen minutes apart. For stops in between, passengers must estimate the time of departure. Remember, buses will stop at all stops along the route, not just the the one at the timing points shown on the timetable. We recommend your child is at their stop a good 5 to 10 minutes before the bus is due.

The timetable also shows the name of the bus operator and their contact telephone number.

Where do I catch my the bus?

All school buses will pick up and set down at the regular Metro bus stops along the roads where it operates. Although rare on school services, if a service is limited stop, this will be shown in the timetable.

Does it automatically stop?

No. Passengers must stand by the bus stop pole or shelter in a safe position but clearly visible to the driver and hail the bus to stop by holding out their arm. 

Boarding the bus and showing a pass

Most school buses require a boarding pass of one kind or another before being allowed to board - only a small number allow children to 'turn up and ride'. 

If your child holds a 'Priority PhotoCard', just show this to the driver. This indicates to the driver that your child is registered to travel. Then, pay a cash fare or present a season ticket (see below).

If your child holds either a zero fare 'Boarding Pass' or 'School Pass', these must be touched against the ticket machine ('ETM'). There are different kinds of ETM, so if you're unsure, just ask the driver where to place the card. No cash fare is payable.

If the bus your child is using does not require a 'Priority Photocard' then they simply board and pay a fare.

Paying your fare or using a season ticket

If your child is not statutory zero fare and therefore does not hold a 'Boarding pass' or 'School Pass', then they must pay a cash fare. Like all regular service buses, simply pay the driver who will issue a ticket. Pupils riding on a school bus whilst wearing a school uniform do not need to show their 'Under 16 PhotoCard' in order to claim 'half fare'. This is an automatic concession on a school service.

If your child will regularly use the school bus most days and especially if they might occasionally use regular service buses at other times, for example, visiting friends or shopping into town, then consider purchasing a season ticket. These give unlimited travel for a week or for a month and are valid on most regular bus services across the whole of West Yorkshire. See our tickets and passes page for full details.

There will be some fare increases from September 2019, please see this page for full details.

When on the bus

Your child should find a seat and remain seated throughout the journey. However, some services can be very busy and all single and double decker buses do allow standing passengers if there are no seats available. The exception is the yellow 'Mybus' branded buses where standees are not allowed. Where seat belts are provided these must always be worn. Good behaviour is expected. See our terms and conditions for further details.

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