Mybus fares

Mybus charges for Primary and Secondary school travel

Primary Schools

  1. All primary pupils are to pay a 80p cash fare to the driver for each single journey.


  1. You may pay a £1.60 return fare to the driver on the morning of travel. PLEASE NOTE: If the pupil does not use the Mybus on the return journey that day, the fare is forfeited and will NOT be refunded.


  1. A £6.00 weekly ticket may be purchased from the driver, on Monday morning ONLY. This covers the pupil for up to ten journeys for the week, Monday to Friday. PLEASE NOTE: If £6.00 is paid on a Monday and the pupil does not travel every day that week, the fare is forfeited. There will be no refund, no carry over to the following week, or any other recompense. This £6.00 ticket is a discounted fare and as such there are no refunds for bank holidays, training days or absences.


  1. A valid Under 16 PhotoCard loaded with an Under 19 Bus-only weekly or monthly ticket can be used as payment. This must be shown to the driver upon boarding the Mybus.

Please note children under 5 travel free ONLY when accompanied by an older, fare-paying sibling.

Fares cannot be paid in arrears and must be paid at the time of boarding or alighting.

Secondary Schools

  1. All pupils are to pay a cash fare to the driver. This is a minimum of £1.25 per single journey for students. PLEASE NOTE: The child fare is a minimum of £1.25 and differs depending on the service. Most secondary school services have fare stages therefore the cost varies depending on where the pupil boards/ alights the service.


  1. A valid Under 16 or 16-18 PhotoCard loaded with an Under 19 Bus-only weekly or monthly ticket can be used as payment. This must be touched or swiped against the ticket machine.. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Under 19 Bus-only tickets are not valid for travel on the following Mybuses:

- M2, M7 & M23 at North Halifax Grammar School

- BT1 at Blessed Trinity College, Burnley 

Important Note: Pupils are reminded that bus operators' own daily or period tickets (e.g. FirstDay, K-Day) and staff passes are not valid for travel on Mybus services.

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