School bus service changes and disruptions

Changes to school bus services

Service changes from September 2019

Please see this page for details of new, withdrawn or revised services for school year 2019-2020.

Temporary diversions due to roadworks

Last updated 18th September.

Stainland Road - Stainland to Sowood - road resurfacing works 25th September to 18th October - routes C38/C39/M8

Re-surfacing works will take place on the above dates at various points on the Stainland Road between Stainland and Outlane resulting in a full road closure to all traffic from 09:00 to 17:00. There is no change to the AM routes for all services.

Brooksbank College services

There will be no diversion to the PM trips for routes C38 (First) and C39 (Yorkshire Tiger/Stotts Coaches) as they will be marshalled through the works by the contractors. Each service will layover at the start of the road closure until all buses are present and will be allowed through at the same time. This may mean a slight delay to to times.

North Halifax Grammar School services:

Route M8 (First) will have to divert as it operates to different times to the Brooksbank services and the exercise of clearing equipment from the road can only be done once. The PM diversion will be:

From School to West Vale as usual, then operate via Elland to Ainley Top then to Outlane where it will terminate around Forest Hill Road and Gosport Road. Unfortunately, Stainland and Sowood cannot be served.

Please monitor our Twitter feed for future updates #stainlandroad.

Clayton Lane, Clayton - closed 23rd September to 13th October

Clayton Lane will be closed between Green End and Clayton Library on the above dates. Routes will divert as follows:

B80 (AM) - B23 (PM) - B92 (AM/PM) - B94 (AM/PM) B97 (AM/PM) all via The Avenue then Clayton Lane, Park Lane, then as normal route

B80 (PM) - B23 (AM) to Park Lane then Clayton Lane, The Avenue, Bradford Road

B98 - from The Avenue Bottom via The Avenue, Clayton Lane, Park Lane then as normal

A9 - no change

Middleton Road (opp Belle Isle Cemetery) - 23rd September to 11th October - L73, L74, R2

Resurfacing works will take place on the Middleton Road between East Grange Drive and the Belle Isle Centre. The works are timed between 09:30 and 15:00 with school services timed to be in the area also around 15:00.

If the road is still closed at the time services operate, then a short diversion will be followed using Winrose Grove, Belle Isle Road and East Grange Drive. Otherwise, if the works finish shortly before the publicised time, the buses will operate as usual with no diversion.

Stainland Road, Stainland - routes C38/C39/M8

Emergency works are taking place in the road to repair a collapsed sewer in Stainland meaning a full road closure.

Routes C38 and C39 for Brooksbank College will be diverted. Both buses will operate in reverse of their AM and PM routes between Outlane and School only via Ainley Top. Sowood and Stainland cannot be served. This is expected to be for the remainder of this week until Friday 20th.

Route M8 for NHGS will start at Ainley Top then to Outlane as usual, turn about at Forest Hill Road and Gosport Road returning via Ainley Top and Elland to rejoin the usual route from West Vale. In the PM from School to West Vale as usual, then diverting through Elland to Ainley Top on to Outlane where it will terminate at Forest Hill Road and Gosport Road. Sowood and Stainland cannot be served.

Please monitor our Twitter feed for future updates #stainlandroad.

Free School Lane, Halifax - route M9 North Halifax Grammar School. 

Free School Lane will be closed between Saville Park Road and Heath Road from Monday 9th September to Friday 1st November between 0900 and 1800.

In the PM only, route M9 will make a short diversion around the closure using Heath Road, Manor Heath Road and Savill Park Road.

Keighley Road, Hebden Bridge - route C84

Works began on the 10th of September along Keighley Road between Midgehole Road and Peckett Well meaning a full road closure in two stages until the 27th September.

Update 13/9/19: from Monday 16th September, the bus will continue to be allowed through the works marshalled by the contractors and so will operate the full route to Old Town.

This will be reviewed during operation. If progress of the works is such that safe access can be maintained, then the full route will continue. Otherwise, where the safety of the bus and the contractors cannot be maintained, the bus will terminate at Hebden Bridge only - please monitor this page and our twitter feed for updates (#C84)


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