Alerts 68 Bus

Free Teacher Resources – KS3 Maths

This Key Stage 3 maths resource has been developed as part of an engagement activity programme between the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance and the Ahead Partnership

It has been developed to help young people discover more about careers in transport and the environmental impact of bus travel and develop skills for exams, everyday life, and the working world.

The activity is divided into 3 phases with 2 additional optional phases.  A lesson plan and guidance is included.

Activity – Music festival transport timetabling.  (Suitable for classroom and home learning)

The Brief

Students will take on the role of decision makers at a bus company and the aim is to plan a bus timetable that:

  • Gets thousands of festival goers to and from FRESH FEST
  • Starts on Wednesday for early-bird ticket holders
  • Finishes on Monday after the last acts appear on Sunday.

 Supporting information and help includes:

  • Activity powerpoint guide for students
  • Music Festival Headliner Information
  • Planning sheets, example bus timetables and lots more

Curriculum links:

  • Representing given information in tables and charts
  • Interpreting and drawing conclusions from given data, displayed in charts and tables
  • Develop reasoning and evaluation skills, to justify your decisions

To request copies of the resources, please email