School Pass

A school pass entitles the pass holder to free travel on any direct bus service, including school buses

What is a School Pass?

A School Pass is available for school pupils who qualify for free travel. It entitles the holder to travel free on any direct bus services.

The most direct service could be a public service bus or a school bus. School Passes can be used on both.

How to apply

If you believe you are entitled to free travel, please contact your Local Authority to request an application form. If your application is successful your Local Authority works with Metro who will issue you with the most suitable pass for your journey to school/college.

Using your card

  • Public service buses – scan your School Pass on the ticket machine as your payment.
  • School buses – scan your School Pass on the ticket machine as your payment.

Please note, some school buses may require a Priority PhotoCard to guarantee you a place on the bus, even if you’re entitled to free travel. Go to your school page in the A-Z to see if you need to apply for a Priority PhotoCard to use with your free travel School Pass.

Online Journey Planner

If you’re using a public service bus to get to school then plan your journey to school using Metro’s online journey planner.

Use public transport regularly? Claim half-fare travel! 

If you are under 18 and a resident in West Yorkshire then you are entitled to half-fare travel in West Yorkshire. You will need to apply for a PhotoCard.

  • 16-18 year olds in full-time education can claim half-fare travel with a 16-18 PhotoCard. Find out how to apply.  

More about applying for free travel 

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