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King James’s School

Closure of King James Fernside Site...

Closure of King James Fernside Site - Withdrawal of Services KJ6 and KJ7

As all pupils will be attending the King James St Helen's Gate site from the beginning of the summer term the KJ6 and KJ7 services will be withdrawn.

All pupils registered to the two services have now been allocated to the existing King James services, the passes have been ordered and will be sent out over the coming days. Service K80 has been converted to a double deck vehicle so extra pupils can be carried in the Fenay Bridge and Lepton areas.

Pupils who qualify for free travel will recieive a Priority Photocard for their allocated service and a Zero Fare School Pass which will need to be scanned on the ticket machine. The passes will be sent separately so one may be received before the other.


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Alerts 34 Bus

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