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Temporary changes to school bus services

Changes to school bus services - temporary diversions due to roadworks and other disruptions

This page lists temporary changes to school bus services affected by roadworks, public events or other disruptions.

For permanent changes such as new school services, timetable changes etc., please see this section.

Last updated 20th January 16:00

Wyther Lane/Kirkstall Bridge - four way traffic lights and junction closure - 20th to 28th January - UPDATED

Update 20th Jan 16:00: it has just been announced that further to the below, the full stretch of Wyther Lane between the lights at Broad Lane and Kirkstall Bridge will be closed to all traffic with immediate effect and until the works have been completed. This is due to heavy traffic congestion extending back as far as the cinema on Kirkstall Road caused by the works. Traffic can still flow in both directions between Kirkstall Bridge and the Leeds and Bradford Road only.

Consequently all school services in the area will, in addition to the diversions below, further divert between Broad Lane and Kirkstall Bridge via Broadlea Terrace, Broadlea Hill to the Leeds and Bradford Road. Services affected: AG5 AG6 AG9 L57. [CH21 is already diverting via Leeds and Bradford Road as per below.]


Gas works will take place on the stretch of Wyther Lane close to the Kirkstall Bridge. Four way traffic control lights will be in place at the junctions of Kirkstall bridge, Leeds and Bradford Road and at Broad Lane. The stretch of Wyther Lane that leads up from Raynville Road past the industrial units will be closed at the traffic lights at Broad Lane. Consequently, some school services will divert and for all other services in the area, delays may occur.

AG8 and AG9 Tetley Motor Services: will divert  both directions between Raynville Road and Broad Lane via Kirkstall Avenue.

L57 J and B Travel: will divert both directions between Raynville Road and Broad Lane via Outgang Lane.

CH21 Kilvington of Leeds: please see this document for the diversionary route and slightly adjusted timetable.

Spawd Bone Lane, Knottingley - 24th to 26th February

A small stretch of Spawd Bone Lane near the Premier Store will be closed to all traffic on the above dates.

P51 will divert via England Lane, Southfield Road and The Ridgeway.

Womersley Road, Knottingley - 31st January to 18th February

Womersley Road at the junction with Weeland Road will be closed to all traffic due to gas works. Services will divert as follows:

606: AM as usual from Womersley Road/Downland Crescent then via Spawd Bone Lane to re-join the usual route via Simpsons Lane and Headlands Lane. PM in reverse of this.

P51: to be ultimately decided but most likely to be AM from the A1 slip road and as per the usual route as far as the Weeland Road/Womersley Road junction but continue to Common Lane bus terminus, turn, then head back along Weeland Road to Hill Top and continue with the usual route via Headlands Lane, Warwick Estate and Ferrybridge.

Please periodically re-visit this page for updates on this closure.

Nursery Lane, Halifax - full closure PM only - 7th to 18th February

Nursery Lane will be closed to all traffic on the above dates between Keighley Road and Cousin Lane between 09:00 and 17:00 each day.

Services PL2 and TS1 will divert via Cousin Lane between Keighley Road and Ovenden Way in the PM only. AM is unaffected.

Newton Lane, Outwood, Wakefield - 10th January to 21st February - OG1, OG4 Outwood Grange

To facilitate gas works, Newton Lane near the junction with Leeds Road will be closed to all traffic on the above dates. School services OG1 and OG4 will divert between Leeds Road and Ouchthorpe Lane/Rooks Nest Road via Bolus Lane.

Elland Road/Ripponden Bank, Ripponden - Roadworks from 10th to 28th January 2020

Resurfacing works will close Elland Road from 10th January. However, all PM school services will be allowed through works and therefore will not be affected. As buses will be passing through the works, the contractor's equipment will have to moved to allow them through so expect some delays. The works begin each day at 09:00 until 17:00 so the AM journeys are unaffected. Resurfacing works are weather permitting and may be delayed or dates ammended.

Please note, the bus stops along the affected road will not be observed and riders must be set down in either Ripponden or Barkisland as safety cannot be guaranteed.

Otley Road, Adel - temporary traffic lights - January 4th to July 2022

To facilitate to building of new housing and other asscociated construction works, temporary traffic lights will operate at points along the Otley Road, Adel, just north of Holt Lane and toward Golden Acre Park from January 2022 until July. Whilst the road is not closed to traffic, do expect delays to all services in the wider area as a consequence of the temporary lights.

Towngate, Midgley - full closure 20th January 2022 - C85

A section of Towngate near to the junction with Jim Allen Lane will be closed to all traffic on the 20th January only. C85 will not be able to operate through Midgley during the closure. The rest of the route via Booth and Luddenden is unaffected.

Broad Lane, Cutler Heights Bradford - full closure 5th January to 28th February 2022 - B13 SBSJ

Broad Lane near to its junction with Sticker Lane will be closed to all traffic on the above dates. Route B13 for SBSJ School will divert as follows:

AM: as per the usual route to Sticker Lane then continue along Sticker Lane onto Fenby Avenue, then left onto Cutler Heights Lane to re-join the usual route at Tyersal Lane.

PM: reverse of the above.

Throstle Road, Middleton, Leeds - full closure 10th - 28th January 2022- MM1

Throstle Road by the recreation ground will be closed to all traffic on the above dates. Service MM1 will divert between Middleton Park Avenue and Thorpe Road via Acre Road.


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