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Cash fares on school services from September 2019

Fare changes from September 2019

Fare changes from September 2019

Secondary school services

From September 2019 there will be some inflation linked cash fare increases on some school services in West Yorkshire.

There will be a flat fare of £1.30 (increased by 4% from £1.25).

Some school services in Bradford have a graduated fare system, which, during the school year 2018-19 ranged from £1.10 to £1.50 . From September 2019, there will be a minimum fare of £1.30 with fares that were higher than £1.30 unchanged.

Under 19 Bus Only Ticket -  unchanged at £10.30 per week or £37.80 per month. See our tickets and passes page for the full range of fare saving, value for money tickets available for young people.

MyBus primary school services

There will be no increases on most services and fares will remain at 80p per child per single trip and the weekly Monday to Friday ticket at £6.00.

However, some routes were at risk of withdrawal as they did not meet value for money criteria. These services will remain but with a fare increase to £1.00 per child per single trip and the weekly ticket increased to £8.00. The affected routes are:

C30 St Mary's, K30 St Thomas', P6 Iqra, P31 Crossflatts and East Morton, P51 Holy Family and St Michaels, P53 Methley, P99 Ilkley primaries.


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