Alerts 36 Bus

The Trinity Academy Halifax

New operator service TA3 and major changes to TA4 and C25...

From September 2021:

TA3 - operated by Arriva Yorkshire.

There is no change to the route or timetable.

C25/TA4 - due to a high number of applications for route TA4 from Boothtown, the following service changes have been made in order to accomodate as many passengers as possible:-

TA4 - will no longer serve Boothtown but will still operate the remainder of the route from Lee Mount/Ovenden Way onward with no change to times.

C25 -The First bus operated C25 will extend to/from Boothtown via the same route as the previous TA4 toward Halifax then also call in Halifax Bus Sation and then onward to school via the usual C25 route. See the timetable for new times from Boothtown. Passes will be required for passengers from Boothtown only.

The other C25 journeys between the bus station only and school operated by Team Pennine (formerly Yorkshire Tiger) are unaffected and continue to operate as previously.

Please see the timetables page for details.

Alerts 36 Bus

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