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The Mayor's Free Bus Sunday - FAQs

What’s the catch?

No catch – you can board any regular, timetabled service in West Yorkshire and travel for free on Sunday 5 June. That excludes any works or demand-responsive services

Do I need to buy a special ticket or pass?

No – just hop on and take a seat.

Are all operators taking part?

Yes – every operator running a regular, timetabled service will allow you to travel for free on Sunday 5 June.

What about journeys outside West Yorkshire?

Travel is only free on Sunday 5 June in West Yorkshire. You’ll need to pay for the part of your journey outside West Yorkshire, as normal.

I haven’t caught a bus in a while, where can I find a timetable?

We have online timetables and most stops have timetables at them. Some also have real-time displays so you can see when your next bus is due.

What about normal fares, how do they work?

You can buy single, return, day or season tickets from individual operators, or visit MCard to find out more about our multi-operator, multi-journey tickets, smartcards and app for travel in West Yorkshire.

Alerts 49 Bus

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