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Updated Journey Planner

19 June 2017

West Yorkshire cyclists can now use the Journey Planner on this website to plan journeys by bike.

By pressing the blue cycle tab at the top right above the map, cyclists can now get a journey plan for their trip. The time the journey should take is displayed along with the route is broken down into stages and displayed on the map.

Fastest, Quietest or Balanced options

Cyclists also have the option of what type of ride they want. By hitting the yellow options button they can choose the the Fastest, Quietest or Balanced option. As the names suggest, Fastest journeys are set out according to speeds for each part of the route, taking into account speed penalties such as traffic lights. Quietest journeys keep riders away from busy traffic and Balanced journeys provide a combination of Fastest and Quietest.


People can find a link to the Journey Planner on the homepage of this website It can also be used to plan bus train and coach journeys across West Yorkshire and beyond, either immediately or on specific days and at specific times.Users can also save their favourite regular journeys.

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