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Staff will be on hand to advise Leeds city centre bus users about Headrow bus diversions

28 August 2019

With widespread changes to bus services and stops in Leeds city centre due to kick in from Sunday evening, passengers are being advised to look out for staff who will be out on the streets providing directions and advice. 

Thirty-eight bus services are being affected by the £20 million Connecting Leeds scheme to improve The Headrow. Services are being put on long-term diversion with temporary stops introduced.  

Information about the changes has been available online for weeks. Notices have been posted at affected bus stops and on buses and bus advertising has been used to highlight the changes.

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However, to minimise inconvenience for passengers, staff will be hitting city centre streets this week.

During Thursday and Friday’s evening peak, will be telling people what will be happening, where they can catch their bus after Sunday evening and where they can find information. And on Sunday evening and into next week, when the changes have come into effect, they will be out at peak times to provide assistance for bus users.  

In addition, Leeds Bid’s city centre rangers and ambassadors and have been briefed on what’s happening so they can provide help through the day.  

Passengers are advised to look out for people in high-viz vests with yellow Connecting Leeds lanyards.   

Cllr Manisha Kaushik, Deputy Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee said:

“This is the biggest set of changes affecting Leeds city centre bus services for more than a decade so we want to make sure we help people through the changes with as little inconvenience as possible.

"Although we have been publicising what’s happening, we know there will be people who will still be unaware so we’ll be out in advance to help people plan for next week. Then once the changes are in place we are going to go out to help people get to where they want to be.

"In the meantime I would still recommend bus users go to the Metro website and check how whether their services and stops are affected so that they are prepared for Monday."  

Dawn Badminton-Capps, Bus Users Director for England said: 

"For many of us buses are a lifeline, so communicating any change to a service is essential. This is an excellent initiative to reduce the impact on passengers and make sure everyone is aware of the changes, not just those of us with access to the Internet." 

When complete, the £20 million scheme will mean improved routes for buses through the city centre, making them more punctual and reliable. It will also create better infrastructure for people who walk and cycle and result in significant enhancements to public space and the quality of life in the city centre. 

The scheme is part of Leeds City Council’s Connecting Leeds programme, the long-term transport strategy for Leeds, which aims to improve all aspects of transport and travel in the city and connect people to the wider Leeds City Region. Connecting Leeds will see unprecedented £270 million invested in the city’s transport network. 

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