Phased stand changes at Huddersfield bus station during building overhaul

10 August 2018

Bus users who catch services from Huddersfield Bus Station are being advised to check if they are affected by stand changes which come into effect from Monday 13 August.

Kirklees Council is carrying out a £400,000 overhaul to the structure of the building, which houses a 450-space multi-storey car park over six levels with the Bus Station at ground level. The work, which involves treating the building’s external walls and metal strengthening bars to prevent corrosion, is expected to take 20 weeks.

To ensure the safety of customers, drivers and staff while the work, which began in June, takes place, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which manages Huddersfield’s Metro Bus Station, will be closing some bus stands and transferring services to alternatives. It is expected that six stands will be affected during each stage of the scheme.

From Monday 13 August stands A, H, J and K will re-open although stands L and M will remain closed. Additionally stands of N, O, P & Q. will close from Monday meaning the following changes to services will be in place :

  • 81, 1A Clayton West, 82, 83, 83X Denby Dale, 85 Lepton, 85A Houses Hill from stand E (back on the original stand)
  • 181, 183, 185 Marsden and 184 Manchester from stand G
  • 231, 232 Wakefield from stand F (back on the original stand)
  • 262 Brighouse from stand E (back on the original stand)
  • 301, 302 (First) moves back to their original stand K (from stand C)
  • 301 (Tiger) & the 303,304 (TLC) back to stand J (from stand D)
  • 321, 323, 324 & Free Town Bus (Kirklees College) from stand P to stand C.
  • 323, 324, K61 from stand Q and to stand D.
  • 328, 431 from stand N and onto stand H
  • 341 Stocksmoor 341A Almondbury from stand V
  • 342 Almondbury from stand X
  • 343 Halifax from stand B
  • 354/355 from stand O to stand A
  • 358 Ashenhurst from stand X
  • 360 360A Brackenhall from stand B
  • 374, 375 from stand O to stand A
  • 377, 378 Mount from stand E
  • 387, 393 from stand O to stand A
  • 394, 395, 396 Slaithwaite/Wilberlee from stand 
  • 536, 537 Halifax from stand B
  • 547 Brighouse, 549 Halifax from stand B
  • 900, 901, 902 Hebden Bridge from stand G
  • Freetownbus (Town Centre) from stand V
  • Bingo Bus service from stand VFind out more about Huddersfield Bus Station which, used by over 33,000 people per day, is West Yorkshire’s busiest.

Read more about Kirklees Council's overhaul of the building.

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