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One million QR Code scans at West Yorkshire bus stops in 2021

19 January 2022


In 2021, West Yorkshire bus passengers have used QR Codes and NFC Chips at bus stops one million times to get real-time bus information on their phones. 

The millionth scan was on Wednesday 27 October. This is the first time that figure has been bettered in one year. By the end of 2021, there had been 1,321,076 scans.

The county’s 14,000 bus stops have unique QR (Quick Response) codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags on the bottom left of timetable displays. When scanned by smart phone they show customers when their next bus is due at that particular stop.

Over 5 million QR Codes and NFC Tags have been scanned at West Yorkshire bus stops since it was launched in 2015.

QR Codes are a more common sight

As the use of smartphones has escalated, so has the popularity of QR codes. They have spread to the point where they have now become a common sight

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the visability and usage of QR Codes has increased. Businesses and organisations have displayed official NHS QR code posters at their venue entrances to help support contact tracing. Bars and restaurants have used them instead of paper menus.

QR Codes are now more familiar with bus passengers as the MCard and other bus ticket apps, provide a QR Code that you can scan when you get on board the bus.

Top Ten Most scanned stops in 2021 

  1.  Victoria I, Vicar Lane, Leeds City Centre (45012977)
  2.  White Rose Centre G, White Rose Centre (45025316)
  3.  Headrow L, The Headrow, Leeds City Centre (45010921)
  4.  Trinity N, Boar Lane, Leeds City Centre (45010686)
  5.  Cultural G, York Street, Leeds City Centre (45010908)
  6.  Cemetery Rd, Lidget Green, Bradford (45022374)
  7.  Headingley Arndale, Headingley, Leeds (45011366)
  8.  Branch Road, Armley, Leeds (45010988)
  9.  Fairbank Road, Girlington, Bradford (45022398)
  10.  Trinity R, Boar Lane, Bradford (45010687)

Short Notice Changes to Buses

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority provide timetables for West Yorkshire bus stops. Since lockdown in March 2020, bus companies have been changing timetables very frequently and we have not been able to keep bus stops up to date.

We replaced most timetables with a generic advert inserted at bus stops that directs customers to on-line information as well as the Metroline contact centre. 

Since the advert has been added to stops, customers have increasingly scanned QR Codes with their phones. There has been an average of 25,000 scans a week since the easing of lockdown in April 2021 around a 40% increase from 2019.   

How it works

Scanning the QR Codes and NFC Chips links people to live departure details for all bus stops and services in West Yorkshire. The service, which also covers South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York, provides scheduled timetable information if real-time information is unavailable.

Find out more about how to use QR Codes and NFC tags.

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