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Millie is surprise day rover at Huddersfield Bus Station

31 July 2018

Bus station managers Helen and Sam with MillieWhile staff at West Yorkshire’s busiest bus station, in Huddersfield, are used to dealing with thousands of customers every week, one visitor took them by surprise last week.

When the 184 bus from Manchester arrived on Saturday morning, along with the passengers they were astonished to see Minnie, a little dog whom it turns out had boarded bus unnoticed at a stop on the town’s Manchester Road, and sat quietly at the back of the bus.

After welcoming her, Bus Station Managers Helen Schofield and Sam Lister settled Millie down and made her comfortable in their office before calling a local dog rescue service. They managed to trace Millie’s owner who called in to pick her up.

Both dog and owner were delighted to be re-united.

Commenting on the unusual visitor, Helen said: “With over 33,000 people using Huddersfield Bus Station every day, we get used to dealing a wide range of customers, but Millie’s arrival certainly caused a stir.

“I’m just glad we were able to get a lead on who her owner was and re-unite them."

She continued: “Current work on the building means we have some bus stand changes for arrivals and departures, but I can reassure passengers that this doesn’t mean we will be creating a stand K9 for Millie and other day Rovers.”

A Combined Authority spokesperson said: “This is just the kind of pedigree service customers have come to expect from our Bus Station staff.”

The Combined has designed Minnie her very own photo-card in case she decides to go off on her travels again.

The spokesperson said: “It’s M for Millie so what better than an MCard of her very own, which she could use to get as far as Barking, Kenilworth or Wolverhampton.”

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