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Ladies Only Travel

4 October 2016

On Monday 3 October, West Yorkshire Combined Authority was informed that bus company Ladies Only Travel (trading as LOT) had gone into liquidation and would no longer be operating any bus services.

The Combined Authority’s Bus Services team has worked hard and has been able to make the folowing alternative arrangements for the following tendered services for which the Combined Authority provides financial support:

  • 31/32 – Yorkshire Tiger from Weds 5 Oct
  • 88 – Square Peg from Thurs 6 Oct
  • 197 – Watersons from Weds 5 Oct
  • 226 – TJ Walsh from Weds 5 Oct
  • 635 – TLC from Weds 5 Oct
  • 781 – Yorkshire Tiger from Thursday 6 Oct
  • 933- Yorkshire Tiger from Weds 5 Oct

Bradford City Bus was a commercially run service so the Combined Authority will not be supporting a replacement. However, it will be sharing passenger data with bus companies operators to see if anyone wants to run it commercially.

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