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LSSE Design Amendments - September 2013

Below are artistic impressions of Leeds Station Southern Entrance as of September 2013.

Construction works on the project are scheduled to start at the beginning of December 2013. Prior to this a number of conditions relating to the planning consent (as part of the Order) will be discharged. The process of discharging conditions involves the Promoters (Metro and Network Rail) supplying the Local Planning Authority with the necessary information to demonstrate that we have or will comply with the conditions. This involves a formal application submitted by Network Rail on behalf of Metro, administered by the Planning Authority (Leeds City Council), and it is likely that you will be consulted by them as part of that process.


In addition to the discharge of conditions we are promoting a series of minor alterations to the appearance of the Entrance including, removal of the roof window and side slots, part ‘frosting’ of the front window to protect nearby residents’ privacy.  We are also seeking an extension of time by which certain details (principally relating to materials) have to be submitted to Leeds City Council for approval, in order to ensure we provide accurate information.


These alterations are intended to fine tune the approval already given by the Secretary Of State following more detailed design investigation.


So that you can be assured that the changes will have no worse effect than that already approved, this dedicated webpage has been created which shows new artistic impressions of the proposals. Paper copies of the images can be provided upon request. A Design Changes Report has also been produced.



LSSE Images


LSSE Distant Front View


LSSE Images - Spetember 2013 1







LSSE Close-Up Front View


  LSSE Images - September 2013 3



LSSE Western Footbridge View

 LSSE Images - Spetember 2013 2


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