Leeds City Council Post-16 Transport Policy Statement Consultation 2019-20

Consultation on the Post 16 Transport Policy Statement for Learners Aged 16 - 18 in Further Education and Continuing Learners Aged 19 - 25


Leeds City Council has a duty to consult with affected stakeholders on its proposed Post 16 Transport Policy Statement for 2019 / 2020 (264kb PDF opens in a new window). It is therefore consulting with young people aged 16 -18 and their parents/carers and young people aged 19 - 25 with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and their parents/carers.

This consultation will end at noon on Wednesday 12th June 2019

Local Authorities have a duty to prepare and publish an annual transport policy statement that provides information about the transport support that is available to enable students aged 16-18 and young people aged 19 - 25 with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to attend places of learning. It includes the transport arrangements which the Council consider is necessary to ensure young people have access to education and training. The proposed Post 16 Transport Policy Statement sets out Leeds City Council’s criteria for determining eligibility for assistance with travel for 2019/2020. The proposed Policy Statement also sets out how decisions are made and how learners and/or parents/carers may appeal against decisions not to award assistance with travel. The Statement also includes information about those arrangements made by The West Yorkshire Combined Authority, local bus companies and individual schools and colleges in Leeds.

The proposed Policy Statement is intended to provide clarity for parents/carers and young people facing a wide range of circumstances and to ensure that young people with particular and significant needs are appropriately supported.

There is no legal duty to provide free transport or assistance to students over the age of 16. This Statement sets out the discretionary assistance which the Council can make.


There are no changes proposed to the assistance provided in this year’s Statement .This consultation is about how helpful the Post-16 Travel Policy Statement 2019/2020 is in helping learners to access education and training.

We have listened to feedback received from parents and young people during the 2017 consultation about the changes they think are required to the Post-16 Travel Policy. This consultation is about Leeds City Council’s Post-16 Travel Policy Statement for 2019/2020.

We want to ensure that the Policy Statement is clear for parents, young people and other users, including school and college staff. This document does not contain any proposals to change the existing Policy.

We are keen to receive feedback about how clear and user friendly the Policy Statement is from parents, young people and other users. Only feedback on the clarity of the Policy Statement will be considered at this stage.

You can let us know your views about the best ways to make this Policy Statement clear for users by:
Completing the Post 16 Transport Policy Statement Consultation Questionnaire (110kb PDF opens in a new window)

The consultation period runs from 1st May 2019 to noon on 12th June 2019.

Please ensure that your response is received by noon on 12 June 2019. All responses received in time for the consultation will be considered.

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