Yournextbus FAQs: Why do I sometimes get scheduled times?

The yournextbus system provides both real-time and scheduled bus departure information, from any bus stop or bus station in West Yorkshire. Real-time predictions are shown in minutes (eg. "3 mins"), whereas scheduled times are shown as a 24hr clock time (eg. "14:47"). Sometimes a scheduled time will be given instead of a real-time prediction, this is because:

1. The bus operator is not part of the real-time service:  Real-time predictions are only given for those operators which have chosen to be a part of the project. For all other operators, scheduled times are shown.

2. Technical problems

Buses are equipped with a complex on-board computer and a communications aerial, there may occasionally be problems with the technology. This can lead to a scheduled time being given, rather than a real-time prediction. 

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