Yournextbus FAQs: What does my returned message mean?

The various replies you might get to your ynb text.

Here are the meanings:


  • 2 Roundhay Park Due LF
  • 3A Gledhow Lidgett Ln 3 mins LF
  • 36 Ripon Bus Stn 13:38
  • 2 Roundhay Park 11 mins
  • 3 Brackenwood 17 mins


This shows the service number, the destination of the bus and a time. Real-time is shown in minutes (eg. "3 mins"). Scheduled (timetabled) times are shown as a 24hr clock (eg. "13:38"). 

"Due" means a tracked bus is less than 90 seconds from your stop.

The abbreviation "LF" stands for Low Floor, which means the bus is more accessible for people using pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Scheduled times are given when real-time predictions are unavailable. Why do I sometimes get scheduled times?


Text Messages

An example of a returned text messageThe information in our reply to your text will follow the same format as above. 



The information presented on the website also follows the same format as the example above. The pop-up display allows you to access further options such as:


  • Bookmark: Pressing the bookmark button allows you to store this stop in your favourites folder, meaning you have easy access to it next time
  • View map: This allows you to view a map of the location of the chosen stop in a separate window
  • Services from nearby stops: This will bring up a list of all the stops which surround your current chosen stop.
  • Later Departures: You can see departures from your chosen stop for any time later in the day, meaning you can plan your bus journey well in advance.




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