What is yournextbus?

Metro's bus departure times service explained

Yournextbus is Metro's bus departure times service, it uses GPS satellite technology to track the location of buses in West and South Yorkshire.

This means you can find out the scheduled or real-time for any bus, at any stop.

You can get bus departure times online - on mobile, tablet & desktop - or by text message.

How to use the yournextbus service

All Arriva, First, Keighley & District, Harrogate & District, Yorkshire Coastliner and Stagecoach buses are covered by the tracking system, which means that real-time information is available on all services run by these operators in West Yorkshire.

Scheduled information is available for all other operators.

How does it work?

Buses are equipped with an on-board computer, GPS navigation system and a radio which allows them to report their position to a central computer. The central computer then estimates how long the bus will take to reach the next bus stops along the route.

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