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When I type in my bus stop number and choose Go, I just get a blank screen 
The bus departure information displays in a separate pop-up window. If you have pop-up blocking software, you will need to disable it. You can do this by either holding down the Ctrl key when you press Go, or by disabling pop-ups for the whole site.

I can't see the map 
In order to see the map, you need to have the Sun Java 2 installed on your computer (version 1.4.2_09" or later). You can download it free of charge at:

I don't understand the information
See What does my returned message mean?

The pop-up window says "Sorry, system unavailable..." 
If you wait 60 seconds for the information to refresh, you will probably be presented with the correct bus departure information. You can press F5 a number of times to manually refresh the window. If it does not correctly display after 60 seconds, there is a problem with the system. Try looking at the system status page to see what's wrong. If you have a mobile phone, the text message service is run separately to online, so try sending a text message instead.

My bus stop isn't in the list of available stops
Just click the plus symbol to the left of the bus stop nearest to your location and it should be in the drop-down menu.

Text message

I don't understand the content of my returned text message - See What does my returned message mean

Photo of bus and person using a mobile phone

I did not get a text message reply
This will only happen in rare cases when the yournextbus system is not working properly, or if the mobile network provider is experiencing difficulties. To report a non-returned text, please email the details to

My returned text message was delayed 
The large majority of texts are returned within 30 seconds. Delays in texts can be caused by the yournextbus system, and they can also be caused by your mobile network. To report a delayed text, please email the details to

Other problems

The returned information does not correctly list the bus services 
If any bus services are missing from your stop, or if you know that a particular bus service that is listed does not actually run from that stop, please let us know by emailing

I don't get any real-time predictions 
Real time info is shown in minutes (eg. "3 mins") whereas scheduled times are shown as a 24hr clock time (eg. "14:47"). For information about why you might not be getting real time predictions, see Why don't I get real time predictions (above)?

Anything else?

If you have any other problems, questions or comments, please email

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