Why does yournextbus sometimes give me scheduled times?

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1. The bus operator is not part of the system DSC_7758

Real-time predictions are only given for operators who've chosen to be part of the project. The operators involved are First, Arriva, Keighley & District, Harrogate & District, Yorkshire Coastliner, Centrebus and Stagecoach. Real-time predictions should be given for all buses run by these operators. For all other operators, scheduled times will be given.

2. The bus stop is near the beginning of the route

For all Centrebus routes, the system only knows which route a bus will take when the driver enters his journey information into the ticket machine at the start of the route. Until the driver has done this, the system cannot generate real-time predictions for all the stops down the route.

So if your stop is 5 minutes away from the start of the route, you will currently only get predictions of 5 minutes or less.

However, for all First, Arriva, Keighley & District, Harrogate & District, Stagecoach and Yorkshire Coastliner, an increased amount of bus route information from the bus operators means that the system can now generate predictions at the start of the route. This feature means that the amount of real time predictions overall has increased substantially, compared to scheduled times.

This improvement will continue to be expanded where the bus operators provide the relevant data.

3. Technical problems

More than 2,000 buses are equipped with complex on-board computers and it is inevitable that there will be some technical interruptions from time-to-time.

On these occasions you may receive scheduled times, rather than real-time information.


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