How much does yournextbus cost?

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The cost will depend on your mobile phone service provider, your contract and which method you use.

Text Message

A text message is charged at your standard outbound rate plus a maximum of 12p for the returned text.

Metro takes no revenue at all from the the receipt or generation of text messages.


Mobile internet and WAP

Mobile internet and WAP are generally much cheaper than texting. Mobile internet and WAP costs are based on the amount of data downloaded and they vary between networks and tariffs.

A typical cost for one request for bus departure information from a GPRS phone is approximately 2p. There could be no charge if there is a mobile internet usage amount included as part of your mobile phone package.

Using mobile internet and WAP also has the added benefit that the information automatically refreshes every 60 seconds, meaning you can keep up to date with the bus departure information, without the need to request the information again.

Each refresh is likely to cost around 2p or no charge if mobile interent usage is included in your mobile phone network package.

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