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Leeds Core Network Leeds City Centre Stops

Here is a list of buses in Leeds City Centre

Here are the names, the location , the real time and lines the stop serves.​

Bus Stop name Location on map Stop number Real Time Lines
City Square A  Infirmary Street 45025317 Meanwood
City Square B Infirmary Street 45025318 East Leeds
City Square C  Infirmary Street 45032241 East Leeds
City Square D  Infirmary Street 45032242 Wakefield
City Square E  Infirmary Street 45032243  Headingley
City Square F  Park Row 45024000 Kirkstall
City Square G  Park Row 45010700  Beeston
City Square H  Park Row 45010702 Castleford and Wakefield
City Square I  Park Row 45010704  East Leeds
City Square J  Park Row 45010912 St James's 
City Square K  Boar Lane 45024834 Roundhay
City Square L  Boar Lane 45032123  
Civic G  Calverley Street 45023462  
Civic I  Calverley Street 45023463    
Civic J  South Parade 45028618 Wakefield
Civic K   The Headrow 45010665  St James's 
Civic L  The Headrow 45012506  
Civic M   The Headrow 45012505  East Leeds
Civic N   Westgate 45010663 East Leeds and St James's
Civic O  Westgate 45010662 Bradford, Headingley and Kirkstall
Civic P   The Headrow 45032131 Kirkstall 
Civic Q    The Headrow  45029167 Bradford
Corn Exchange A  New Market Street 45010684 Meanwood
Corn Exchange B   New Market Street 45010683   Roundhay
Corn Exchange C  Vicar Lane 45012980   Moortown
Corn Exchange D Vicar Lane  45010682  East Leeds and Morley
Corn Exchange E New Market Street  45012982 White Rose
Corn Exchange F  New Market Street 45012984 Middleton
Corn Exchange G  New York Street 45014779   St James's
Corn Exchange H  Duncan Street 45032247  East Leeds
Corn Exchange I Duncan Street 45012652  Headingley and Middleton
Corn Exchange J Duncan Street 45032248   
Crown Point D Hunslet Lane 45010621  Middleton
Crown Point E Crown Point Road 45011974 Castleford, Middleton and Wakefield
Crown Point F Crown Point Retail Park 45010648  Roundhay
Cultural A York Street 45010905 East Leeds
Cultural B York Street 45014780  East Leeds and St James's
Cultural C York Street  45014781 Castleford, St James's and Wakefield
Cultural D York Street 45010682 East Leeds and St James's
Cultural E York Street 45014787 Headingley, Kirkstall and Pudsey
Cultural F Duke Street 45029581    
Cultural G York Street 45010908 Headingley and Pudsey
Cultural H York Street 45032252    
Headrow A The Headrow 45012384  Old Farnley
Headrow B The Headrow 45010659  Kirkstall
Headrow C The Headrow 45010658  Kirkstall
Headrow D The Headrow 45010657  Bradford and Old Farnley
Headrow E The Headrow 45029158  Headingley
Headrow F The Headrow 45010655 Meanwood 
Headrow G The Headrow 45010666 St James's 
Headrow H The Headrow 45010667   
Headrow I The Headrow 45012386   
Headrow J The Headrow  45012385   St James's
Headrow K Albion Street 45010922   Headingley and Meanwood
Headrow L Albion Street 45010921  Headingley
Headrow M Albion Street 45010918  Beeston
Headrow N Albion Street 45010920 East Leeds
Leeds Dock A Leeds Dock Royal Armories 45027147  Headingley
Leeds Dock B Black Bull Street  45011975  Castleford and Wakefield
Leeds Dock C Crown Point Road 45026789 Castleford, Middleton and Wakefield
Merrion A Woodhouse Lane 45010913 Headingley
Merrion B Woodhouse Lane 45010915  Headingley
Merrion C Woodhouse Lane 45010914 Beeston and East Leeds
Merrion D Wade Lane 45010917 Meanwood
Merrion E Wade Lane 45011139  Morley
Southbank A Meadow Lane 45011731  Morley
Southbank B Meadow Lane 45011507  Middleton and White Rose 
Southbank C Meadow Lane 45011727   Meanwood
Southbank D Meadow Lane 45032253 Moortown and Roundhay
Southbank E Great Wilson Street 45013211 Meanwood and Moortown 
Southbank F Great Wilson Street 45013262  Beeston and White Rose
Southbank G Bridgewater Place 45013210   Headingley and White Rose
Station A Leeds Rail Station 45025479  East Leeds
Station B Leeds Rail Station 45025478  Headingley and Kirkstall
Station C Leeds Rail Station 45025477  Pudsey
Station D Bishopgate Street 45011026  Headingley
Station E Neville Street 45013261   Beeston, Middleton and Stourton Park & Ride
Station F Neville Street 45013262  White Rose
Trinity L Lower Briggate 45032250 Temple Green Park & Ride
Trinity M Boar Lane 45010685  Pudsey
Trinity N Boar Lane 45010686 Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike and White Rose
Trinity O Boar Lane 45010688  Stourton Park & Ride
Trinity P Boar Lane 45010689  Elland Road Park & Ride
Trinity Q Boar Lane 45012654  Wakefield 
Trinity R  Boar Lane  45010687  Meanwood and St James's
Victoria A Eastgate 45010668 Roundhay
Victoria B Eastgate 45010669  St James's
Victoria C Eastgate 45029157  
Victoria D Eastgate 45010671   
Victoria E Eastgate 45029963  Special Event Stop
Victoria F Eastgate 45032090   Special Event Stop
Victoria G Eastgate 45029641   Kirkstall
Victoria H Eastgate 45029640   Headingley
Victoria I Vicar Lane 45012977   Meanwood
Victoria J Vicar Lane 45032202  Roundhay
Victoria K Vicar Lane 45032208   Moortown
Victoria L Vicar Lane 45032209  Meanwood
Victoria M Vicar Lane 45012971  Morley
Victoria N Vicar Lane 45010676  White Rose
Victoria O Vicar Lane  45012974   Middleton
Victoria P Vicar Lane  45010678  East Leeds
Victoria Q Vicar Lane  45010679  Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike and White Rose
Wellington A Wellington Street 45013157  Pudsey
Wellington B Wellington Street 45013156  Old Farnley and Kirkstall
Wellington C Wellington Street 45029950  Old Farnley and Pudsey
Wellington D Wellington Street 45010695  Kirkstall and Old Farnley
Wellington E Wellington Street 45010696  Kirkstall
Wellington F Wellington Street 45010697   St James's
Wellington G Wellington Street 45011768  St James's
Wellington H Wellington Street 45011763  St James's
Wellington I Wellington Street 45011764  St James's
Wellington J Aire Street 45012554  Heckmondwike 
Wellington L Whitehall Road 45023390 Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike 
Wellington M Whitehall Road 45013213  Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike
Wellington N Whitehall Road  45025848 Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike
Wellington O Whitehall Road 45013263 Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike
Wellington P Whitehall Road 45025847  Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike

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