On Street Bus Points

The following stops are on the public highway, and whilst Metro cannot directly control the allocation of services to these stops, we will seek to ensure where possible, through discussion with operators, that services to common destinations are grouped together in order to assist passengers.

We would therefore ask that you also advise us of any changes or additional services you wish to allocate to the following stops within the same 10 week notification process.

Leeds Corn Exchange Bus Point (excel, 430kb - opens in a new window)
Leeds Infirmary Street Bus Point (excel, 520kb - opens in a new window)
Leeds Station Interchange (excel, 294kb - opens in a new window)*
Shipley Market Place (excel, 612kb - opens in a new window)
Wetherby Bus Station inc. Market Place (excel, 143kb - opens in a new window)

*Please note that operators wishing to use stops at Leeds Station Interchange will be required to become partners in an agreement which includes a code of conduct for the use of these stops.

Once you have selected your stand choice, please submit to Metro (Bus Services Team) at busstationstands@wypte.gov.uk. We will contact you within one week to confirm final stand allocation.

If you have any questions regarding bus stand allocations then please contact Metro through the use of the busstationstands@wypte.gov.uk email address.

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