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Bus Service 576
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Towards Bradford
Valid from 2 January 2014
First Bradford, First Customer Services Hunslet Park Leeds West Yorkshire LS10 1PL
Tel: 0845 6045460
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Service Number576576576576576576576576576576
Halifax Bus Station0715074508150845091509451015104011001120
Queensbury Cenotaph0729075908290859092909591029105411141134
Southfield Lane0740081008400910094010111041110611261146
Bradford InterchangeZZ0755082508550925095510281058112311431203
Service Number576576576576576576576576576576
Halifax Bus Station1140120012201240130013201340140014201440
Queensbury Cenotaph1154121412341254131413341354141414341454
Southfield Lane1206122612461306132613461406142614461506
Bradford InterchangeZZ1223124313031323134314031423144315031523
Service Number576576576576576576576576576576
Halifax Bus Station1500152015401600161516451715174518151845
Queensbury Cenotaph1514153415541614162916591729175918291859
Southfield Lane1526154616061625164017101740181018401910
Bradford InterchangeZZ1543160316231640165517251755182518551925
Service Number576576576576576576576576
Halifax Bus Station19151945201520452115214522152245
Queensbury Cenotaph19291959202920592129215922292259
Southfield Lane19402010204021102140221022402310
Bradford InterchangeZZ19542024205421242154222422542324
Code: ZZ Adjoining or near Railway Station
576...Live Times

Service 576 Bradford - Halifax

Outbound From:
Halifax Bus Station Aisle C, Halifax Bus Station, Northgate, North Bridge, Haley Hill, Boothtown Rd, Queensbury Rd, Halifax Rd, Ford Hill, West End, High St, Sandbeds, Scarlet Heights, Highgate Rd, Great Horton Rd, All Saints Rd, Dirkhill Rd, Easby Rd, Morley St, Chester St, Little Horton Ln, Prince's Way, Godwin Street, Prince's Way, Hall Ings, Bridge Street, Bradford Interchange.
Inbound From:
Bradford Interchange, Nelson St, Hall Ings, Prince's Way, Little Horton Lane, Chester St, Morley St, Easby Rd, Laisteridge Ln, Horton Park Ave, Great Horton Rd, Highgate Road, Calder Banks, Scarlet Heights, Sand Beds, High Street, Chapel Street, West End, Ford Hill, Halifax Road, Queensbury Road, Boothtown Road, Haley Hill, North Bridge, Northgate, Halifax Bus Station, Halifax Bus Station Aisle C.