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Bus Service 508
Towards Halifax
Valid from 30 August 2015
First Calderline, First Calderdale And Huddersfield Customer Relations Department Halifax HX1 2RF
Tel: 0113 381 5000
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Service Number508508508508508508508508508508
Leeds City Bus Station--06300652-07350815085009200950
Kirkstall Fire Station--06410703-07450826090009301000
Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Morrisons--06480710-07550835090709371007
Farsley Cenotaph--07000724-08120849091909491019
Pudsey Civic CentreZZ0614063907040729075208170853092209521022
Dick Lane/Parsonage Road0620064507150741080108290902093110011031
Shelf Village Hall0637070407380806082608520920095210201050
Halifax Bus Station0648071808000830085009100935101010351105
Service Number508508508508508508508508508508
Leeds City Bus Station1010104011101140121012401310134014101440
Kirkstall Fire Station1020105011201151122112511321135114211451
Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Morrisons1027105711271158122812581328135814281500
Farsley Cenotaph1039110911391211124113111341141114421513
Dick Lane/Parsonage Road1051112111511223125313231353142314551529
Shelf Village Hall1110114012101242131213421412144215201555
Halifax Bus Station1125115512251300133014001430150015351615
Service Number508508508508508508508508508508
Leeds City Bus Station1510154016101645172017501820184019101935
Kirkstall Fire Station1521155116211657173318021831185119211945
Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Morrisons1530160016331708174518121840190019281952
Farsley Cenotaph1543161416491724175918261855191519422004
Dick Lane/Parsonage Road1559163117061740181318401905192519522014
Shelf Village Hall1625170017351805183518581922194220072031
Halifax Bus Station1645172017551822185219151937195720222046
Service Number508508508508
Leeds City Bus Station2000205522002300
Kirkstall Fire Station2010210522102310
Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Morrisons2017211222172317
Farsley Cenotaph2029212422272327
Dick Lane/Parsonage Road2039213422372337
Shelf Village Hall2056215122522352
Halifax Bus Station2111220423050002
Code: ZZ Adjoining or near Railway Station
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Service 508 Halifax - Leeds

Outbound From:
Leeds Bus Station, Eastgate, The Headrow, Park Row, Wellington Street, Kirkstall Road, Commercial Road, Savins Mill Way, Bridge Road, Leeds And Bradford Road, Calverley Lane, Coal Hill Lane, Bagley Lane, Town Street, Old Road, Bradford Rd, Dick Ln, Cutler Heights Ln, Fenby Ave, Sticker Ln, Dudley Hill, Rooley Ln, Rooley Ave, Odsal Top, Halifax Rd, Carr House Rd, Witchfield Hill, Wade House Rd, Halifax Road, Back Clough, Bradford Rd, Godley Ln, Godley Rd, New Bank, North Bridge, Northgate, Halifax Bus Station, Halifax Bus Station Aisle B.
Inbound From:
Halifax Bus Station Aisle B, Halifax Bus Station, Northgate, North Bridge, New Bank, Godley Rd, Godley Ln, Bradford Rd, Halifax Rd, Halifax Rd, Wade House Rd, Witchfield Hill, Carr House Rd, Halifax Rd, Odsal Top, Rooley Ave, Rooley Ln, Dudley Hill, Sticker Ln, Fenby Ave, Cutler Heights Ln, Dick Ln, Gipsy St, Leeds Old Rd, Bradford Rd, Old Road, Town Street, Bagley Lane, Coal Hill Lane, Calverley Lane, Leeds And Bradford Road, Bridge Road, Savins Mill Way, Commercial Road, Kirkstall Road, West Street, Wellington Street, King Street, East Parade, The Headrow, Eastgate, St Peter's St, Leeds Bus Station.